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Welcome to the gallery of my logos! Each logo I create carries a powerful story and unique identity within it. My work in this category is based on a deep understanding of clients' needs, values, and goals, enabling me to create logos that not only stand out but also clearly communicate and emphasize the essence of each business.

Why is a logo important?

Because I believe in the power of visual identity. Your logo is not just a graphic element – it is the voice of your story, your passion, and your business. With meticulous attention to detail and creativity, I design logos that not only stand out but also tell your unique story. For me, it’s not just about designing a logo, but creating a visual symbol that elevates your business to a higher level.

Your satisfaction is my greatest success, so I will go the extra mile to ensure that your logo reflects your uniqueness and professionalism.


Before designing a logo, I focus on understanding the client's desires and expectations regarding the logo. Together, we explore their vision and company identity to create a logo that best reflects their business and goals.


I start shaping logo ideas with sketches, conceptualizing various design options that effectively represent the company.


The best sketches are transformed into digital form using vector graphics software, creating a precise logo adaptable to various sizes without loss of quality.


The final logo is complemented with a selection of color shades that best represent the client's identity and align with the company's message.

How do I approach logo design?

Discussion with the client:
The first step in the logo design process is a thorough discussion with the client, during which I gain insight into their desires, values, and goals. I research their industry and understand their unique identity and mission. With this understanding, I ensure that the logo adequately reflects the company and connects with the target audience.

Analysis of activity and competition:
After the discussion with the client, I focus on a thorough analysis of their industry and review of competitive companies. I explore existing logos in the industry, analyze their design and messaging, and identify opportunities for differentiation and uniqueness for the client.

Visual period and inspiration:
With the information gathered, I dedicate myself to creating visual inspiration based on the client’s activity. I explore design trends, colors, shapes, and symbols relevant to their field of operation. This phase aids me in the creative process and generating ideas for the logo.

Concept sketching:
Based on the inspiration and ideas for the logo, I begin sketching on paper. This is followed by multiple drawing iterations, where I develop different concepts and ideas that meet the client’s requirements and logo goals.

Digital design:
After selecting the best concept, I proceed with digital design on the computer. I use specialized design programs to create a vector logo, which allows scalability and flexibility. During digital design, I determine an appropriate color scheme that supports the company’s identity and recognition.

Presentation and handover to the client:
Once the logo is completed, I prepare a professional presentation, showcasing the concept, design explanation, and elements used, linking them to the client’s desires and company activity. After the logo is approved by the client, I deliver the final product in the appropriate digital format.

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